Statistical Abstract of the ESCWA Region for 2005


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Agriculture and Fishing


Foreign Trade

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The secretariat of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) is pleased to present the twenty-fifth issue of the
Statistical Abstract of the ESCWA Region for 2005.


The Abstract is divided into ten chapters, on the following topics:

The data contained in the Abstract were compiled mainly from national statistical sources in the ESCWA region, either through responses to ESCWA questionnaires or from statistical abstracts and bulletins issued by official authorities in member countries. The Abstract also relies on data issued by international organizations, giving priority to United Nations sources.

The Abstract deals with social and economic developments at the macro level in ESCWA member countries. It does so by presenting data in tables and highlighting a number of relevant regional indicators. Where possible, these have been calculated and presented in numeric or graphic form in comparison with global indicators.

Estimates made by ESCWA in cases where data were unavailable are indicated by the symbol (*) in order to distinguish them from the estimates of other official and international sources, which are explained in footnotes to the tables.

In cases where data-related activities are not applicable, data cells have been left empty in order to distinguish them from cells relating to applicable activities and unavailable data, which are indicated by the symbol ().



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